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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 57-0115
Comprehensive management plan
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 57, TITLE 1
§ 57-0115. Comprehensive management plan.

1. The council shall, after holding public hearings, prepare and adopt
a comprehensive management plan for the Long Island Pine Barrens
maritime reserve, which the state and local governments may adopt. Such
plan shall include, but not be limited to:

a. a statement of the public values of the area, including their
educational, ecological and hydrological values, together with the
general goals and policies which will best protect and enhance such

b. a map of the area, delineating the boundaries of the Long Island
Pine Barrens maritime reserve;

c. a brief and general historical overview regarding the lands of the
Long Island Pine Barrens maritime reserve;

d. an inventory of all public lands and lands available for public use
within the Long Island Pine Barrens maritime reserve specifying use,
facilities for public use, and the management agency with jurisdiction
over the property;

e. management guidelines for the preservation, recreational and
educational use of resources of the Long Island Pine Barrens maritime

f. management guidelines for protecting and supporting indigenous
economic activities like agriculture, fishing, recreation and tourism;

g. a plan for protection and management for dedicated land in the Long
Island Pine Barrens preserve including:

(1) A survey or inventory of the following, together with the
establishment of management priorities therefor:

(i) natural plant and wildlife resources;

(ii) historic resources;

(iii) erosion control needs and stream protection;

(iv) trails, trail development and use; and

(v) other recreational uses.

(2) Recommendations for the enforcement of laws pertaining to public
use activities, which can be implemented by rules and regulations for
the administration and use of lands dedicated to the preserve.

(3) Recommendations for acquisition of open space suitable for
dedication in the preserve.

(4) Recommendations for institutional arrangements to coordinate
management of dedicated land held by separate owners;

h. a local participation plan, which describes how local citizens,
officials and members of the tourism, agricultural and fishing
industries will participate in the planning and implementation of the
management program and which contains a statement identifying support
for such program by the participating local governments; and

i. a financial statement estimating the necessary costs and potential
funding sources to carry out recommendations in the study over a five
year period and the benefits therefrom.

2. A draft plan shall be prepared and made available to the public and
the local governments within the Long Island Pine Barrens maritime
reserve prior to adopting the plan. The council shall hold public
hearings at different locations within the Long Island Pine Barrens
maritime reserve. There shall be two public hearings on the draft plan
and there shall also be a public hearing on the completed plan before
the plan is submitted to the commissioner.