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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 70-0105
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 70
§ 70-0105. Definitions.

Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions in this section
shall govern the construction of the following terms as used in this

1. "Environmental notice bulletin" shall mean the publication of the
department published pursuant to section 3-0306 of this chapter.

2. "Complete application" shall mean an application for a permit which
is in an approved form and is determined by the department to be
complete for the purpose of commencing review of the application but
which may need to be supplemented during the course of review as to
matters contained in the application in order to enable the department
to make the findings and determinations required by law. A complete
application shall include such draft impact statement as may be required
pursuant to article eight of this chapter.

3. "Minor project" shall mean a proposed project which by its nature
and with respect to its location will not have a significant impact on
the environment and will not exceed criteria established in rules and
regulations adopted by the department pursuant to subdivision one of
section 70-0107 of this article.

4. "Permit" shall mean any permit, certificate, license or other form
of department approval, modification, suspension, revocation, renewal,
reissuance or recertification issued in connection with any regulatory
program referred to in subdivision three of section 70-0107 of this
article as further specified by rule and regulation.

5. "Project" shall mean any activity that requires one or more
department permits.

6. "Emergency" shall mean a natural or an accidental human-made event
which presents an immediate threat to life, health, property, or natural