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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 73-0107
Task force duties
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 73
* § 73-0107. Task force duties.

The role of the task force includes, but is not limited to:

1. Conduct an in-depth examination of flood control study sectors and
issues related to floodplain management, flood control and flood
mitigation in and along the canal system including:

(a) Adaptive measures that can be taken to mitigate flood damages,
including but not limited to feasible floodplain management activities,
wetland restoration, flood control structures, communication systems and
structures and associated costs;

(b) Evaluation which should include impacts on agriculture,
transportation, land use, health, insurance and economic sectors such as
shipping, fisheries, power generation, tourism, and recreation. Impacts
on infrastructure, including bridges, low-lying roads, dams, locks,
causeways, water and wastewater treatment plants and docks shall be
included in the evaluation; and

(c) Evaluation of canal operation procedures and plans which may have
a direct or indirect impact on flood mitigation and flood management
including, but not limited to, debris management, communication, water
management and flood response.

2. Evaluation and assessment of any flood control or mitigation
measures identified in terms of feasibility, economic and public health
impacts, and effectiveness, as well as identifying impediments to
implementing flood control and mitigation measures and where possible,
actions that could be taken to resolve these issues.

3. The department and the canal corporation shall provide the task
force with such facilities, assistance and data as will enable the task
force to carry out its powers and duties. Additionally, all other
agencies of the state or subdivisions thereof shall, at the request of
the chair provide the task force with such facilities, assistance, and
data as will enable the task force to carry out its powers and duties.

4. The task force shall have the power to:

(a) Contract for professional and technical assistance and advice;

(b) Contract for and accept assistance including, but not limited to
gifts, grants, easements, and loans of funds, real property and personal
property from the federal government or any agency or instrumentality of
the state, or from any other public or private source to comply, subject
to the provisions of this article, with the terms and conditions
thereof, subject to the approval of the division of the budget.
Notwithstanding the provisions of section eleven of the state finance
law, the task force may accept gifts, grants, devises and bequests,
whether conditional or unconditional with the approval of the director
of the budget; and

(c) Conduct scientific and environmental studies.

* NB Repealed 120 days after the New York State canal flood mitigation
task force has submitted its completed report (see ch. 456/2007 §2)