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This entry was published on 2024-05-03
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Powers and Duties
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 19

Section 19-0301. Powers and duties.

19-0302. Permits and certificates.

19-0303. Codes, rules and regulations.

19-0304. Burning of hazardous wastes.

19-0305. Commissioner; enforcement power.

19-0306. Municipal solid and regulated medical waste

incineration facilities.

19-0306-a. Personal watercraft emissions regulations.

19-0306-b. Zero-emissions cars and trucks.

19-0307. Certificates of compliance for purposes of the Real

Property Tax Law.

19-0309. Certificates of compliance for purposes of the Tax


19-0311. Operating permit program for sources subject to

federal Clean Air Act.

19-0312. Power plant emissions and performance standards.

19-0313. Small business stationary source technical and

environmental compliance assistance program.

19-0315. Small business stationary source compliance advisory


19-0317. Air program evaluation.

19-0319. Centrally fueled fleet program.

19-0320. Emissions inspections of heavy duty vehicles.

19-0321. Permits to construct and operate certain municipally

sponsored major facilities.

19-0323. Use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and best

available technology by the state.

19-0325. Sulfur reduction requirements.

19-0327. Bioheating fuel requirements.

19-0328. Ozone non-attainment fee programs.

19-0329. Certain fuel oil; prohibited.

19-0331. Moratorium on air permit issuance and renewal.