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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Membership in the fund
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 6-G
§ 160-fff. Membership in the fund. 1. The membership of the fund shall
be comprised of all independent livery bases. If the workers'
compensation board or local taxi and limousine commission revokes a
livery base's authorization to act as an independent livery base, it
shall cease to be a member of the fund within thirty days. Such
revocation shall not entitle the livery base to the return of any moneys
deposited into the fund.

2. Each livery base shall be required, as a condition of obtaining or
retaining any license it receives to operate as a livery base from a
local taxi and limousine commission either: (a) to be a member of the
fund, to submit to the local taxi and limousine commission proof of such
membership and to maintain such records as the workers' compensation
board, state department of motor vehicles or local taxi and limousine
commission may direct in order to carry out the livery base's
responsibilities under this article, and as necessary to determine the
appropriate cost of compensation the fund must provide under the
workers' compensation law; or (b) to present proof to the local taxi and
limousine commission that it has secured compensation under the workers'
compensation law, to the extent required of employers, for all livery
drivers it dispatches.

3. Each local taxi and limousine commission shall supply the fund and
the workers' compensation board, at any such time as the fund or
workers' compensation board requests, a list of all liveries affiliated
with each livery base licensed by the commission.

4. The fund shall, within seventy-five days of the appointment of the
fund's board of directors, provide to its members a copy of the proposed
plan of operation filed with the workers' compensation board and all
local taxi and limousine commissions and shall inform its members of
their rights and duties pursuant to this article.