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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Professional solicitor
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 7-A
§ 173-b. Professional solicitor. 1. Registration required. No person
shall act as a professional solicitor in the employ of a professional
fund raiser required to register pursuant to section one hundred
seventy-three of this article before he or she has registered with the
attorney general or after the expiration or cancellation of such
registration or any renewal thereof. Application for registration or
re-registration shall be in writing and signed under penalties for
perjury in the form prescribed by the attorney general and shall be
accompanied by a fee in the sum of eighty dollars. Such registration or
re-registration when effected shall be for a period of one year,
expiring one year from the date of such registration or re-registration,
and may be renewed upon written application, signed under penalties for
perjury, in the form prescribed by the attorney general and the payment
of the fee prescribed herein, for additional one year periods.
Applications for registration and re-registration, when filed with the
attorney general, shall become public records in the office of the
attorney general.

2. Limitations upon professional solicitors for law enforcement
support organizations. No person or professional solicitor, in the
course of soliciting or collecting funds on behalf of any law
enforcement support organization, shall engage in any acts prohibited by
subdivision seventeen of section one hundred seventy-two-d of this
article, or by paragraph (h) of subdivision two of section one hundred
seventy-five of this article, provided, however, that no criminal
liability shall attach to any law enforcement support organization or
its officers because of the activities of any professional solicitor
employed on behalf of such organization.

3. Violations. Any person who wilfully violates the provisions of this
section is guilty of a misdemeanor.