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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Hostels and foster homes
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 12
§ 244. Hostels and foster homes. 1. The office is hereby authorized to
provide or to pay for care in a hostel or foster home approved by the
office as suitable for such cases for any probationer or parolee under
the age of twenty-one years when the parole board or a judge of a court
determines that there is no other suitable home for such probationer or
parolee and that such probationer or parolee should be placed in such
hostel or foster home. In addition to payment for such care, when
ordered by the board or court, the office is authorized to provide or
pay for clothing and other necessities, including medical and
psychiatric treatment, required for the welfare of such probationer or
parolee. The office may also provide or contract for such care in any
suitable facility operated by a department of correction or by any other
public or voluntary social welfare agency, institution or organization.
A court with respect to such a probationer and the parole board with
respect to such a parolee shall, subject to regulation by the division
control admissions to and discharges from such hostels and foster homes.
When placement is made in any hostel or foster home, or in any facility
other than a public institution, such placement whenever practicable
shall be in a hostel, or facility operated by or in the home of a person
or persons of the same religious faith as the probationer or parolee.

2. The office shall have authority and the duty to stimulate programs
for the development of hostels and foster homes for the care of
probationers and parolees under the age of twenty-one years.