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This entry was published on 2022-07-15
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State board of parole; organization
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 12-B
§ 259-b. State board of parole; organization. 1. There shall be in the
department a state board of parole which shall possess the powers and
duties hereinafter specified. The board shall function independently of
the department regarding all of its decision-making functions, as well
as any other powers and duties specified in this article, provided,
however, that administrative matters of general applicability within the
department shall be applicable to the board. Such board shall consist of
not more than nineteen members appointed by the governor with the advice
and consent of the senate. The term of office of each member of such
board shall be for six years; provided, however, that any member chosen
to fill a vacancy occurring otherwise than by expiration of term shall
be appointed for the remainder of the unexpired term of the member whom
he is to succeed. In the event of the inability to act of any member,
the governor may appoint some competent informed person to act in his
stead during the continuance of such disability.

2. Each member of the board shall have been awarded a degree from an
accredited four-year college or university or a graduate degree from
such college or university or accredited graduate school and shall have
had at least five years of experience in one or more of the fields of
criminology, administration of criminal justice, law enforcement,
sociology, law, social work, corrections, psychology, psychiatry or

3. The governor shall designate one of the members of the board as
chairman to serve in such capacity at the pleasure of the governor or
until the member's term of office expires and a successor is designated
in accordance with law, whichever first occurs. The chairman shall be
responsible for the administrative functions and daily operations of the
parole board and its staff, except as otherwise provided by law.

4. The members of the board shall not hold any other public office;
nor shall they, at any time of their appointment nor during their
incumbency, serve as a representative of any political party on an
executive committee or other governing body thereof, nor as an executive
officer or employee of any political committee, organization or

5. Each member of the board shall receive for his services an annual
salary to be fixed by the governor within the amount appropriated
therefor. Each member of such board shall also receive his necessary
expenses actually incurred in the discharge of his duties.

6. Any member of the board may be removed by the governor for cause
after an opportunity to be heard.

7. Except as otherwise provided by law, a majority of the board shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business of the board.

8. Members of the board shall devote their full time to their duties
and shall hold no other salaried public position.