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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers and duties
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 15-B
§ 323. Powers and duties. The institute shall have the following
powers and duties:

1. To conduct research and undertake studies, particularly of an
interdisciplinary or of a multi-disciplinary nature, into the causes of
violence and other social conflicts, and peace and nonviolence theories,
methods, techniques, programs and systems;

2. To develop programs to make research, education and training with
respect to nonviolent conflict resolution more available and useful to
persons in government, private enterprise, community groups and
voluntary associations;

3. To conduct training, provide symposia and develop continuing
education and research programs to promote skills in nonviolent conflict

4. To establish such divisions, programs, schools, and offices as the
board deems appropriate to carry out the purposes of this article;

5. To enter into formal and informal relationships with other public
or private institutions for purposes of fulfilling the goals of the
institute not inconsistent with this article;

6. To establish a clearinghouse and develop and provide other programs
and materials, including publications, handbooks, training manuals, and
audio-visual materials, for disseminating information on the programs,
studies, research, and training and educational opportunities, of the

7. To enter into contracts;

8. To adopt, amend and alter by-laws, not inconsistent with the laws
of the state of New York;

9. To charge and collect subscription and other participation costs
and fees for its services, including publications, and courses of study;

10. The institute may sue and be sued, complain, and defend in any
court of competent jurisdication; and

11. The institute may do any and all lawful acts and things necessary
or desirable to carry out the objectives and purposes of this article.