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This entry was published on 2021-04-23
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Youth bureaus
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 19-A
§ 422. Youth bureaus. 1. a. Any city, town or village desiring to
establish a local youth bureau may apply to the municipality which such
city, town or village is located within, for approval of its plans. The
application shall be in writing, specifying the nature of the program,
and shall contain such information as the municipality shall require.

b. All local youth bureaus approved by the office of children and
family services on or before April first, two thousand thirteen shall be
deemed approved local youth bureaus for the purpose of this article.

2. No application for the approval of a local youth bureau shall be
considered by the municipality that has not been first approved by the
governing body of the city, town or village making the application.

3. The municipality may approve or disapprove the proposed local youth

4. The approval of a local youth bureau shall authorize the city, town
or village to establish, operate and maintain the program and will allow
the municipality to distribute to such local youth bureau, state aid
received in accordance with subdivision one of section four hundred
twenty of this article.

5. Two or more municipalities may join together to establish, operate
and maintain a municipal youth bureau and may make and perform
agreements in connection therewith. Such agreements shall include
provisions for the proportionate cost to be borne by each municipality
and for the manner of employment of personnel and may provide that a
fiscal officer of one such municipality shall be the custodian of the
moneys made available for expenditure for such purposes by all such
municipalities and that such fiscal officer may make payments therefrom
upon audit of the appropriate auditing body or officer of his or her
municipality. In making claims for state aid pursuant to subdivision one
of section four hundred twenty of this article, each such municipality
shall claim for its proportionate share of the total joint expenditures
so made. However, where it is provided that there shall be a disbursing
municipality, such disbursing municipality shall claim for the total
joint program expenditures so made and shall disburse such state aid to
each participating municipality based upon the proportionate share of
expenditures so made.

6. Notwithstanding any provision of law, rule or regulation to the
contrary, no municipal youth bureau serving one or more municipalities
with a total youth population of twenty-five thousand or less shall be
required under this article, or for purposes of receiving state aid
hereunder, to employ a full time executive director for their respective
proposed or approved youth programs, as the case may be.