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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Independent review board
§ 523-l. Independent review board. The independent review board shall
consist of fifteen members who are not employed by the office and who
are knowledgeable in the areas of juvenile justice and youth rights. The
members of such board shall be appointed by the commissioner. Each board
member shall be appointed for a term of three years, which term may be
renewed once. At least one member shall be a former resident or parent
of a resident; at least one member shall be a psychologist or other
clinician; at least one member shall be an individual knowledgeable of
juvenile legal rights matters; at least one member shall be a judge of
the family court; and at least one member shall be knowledgeable of the
criminal justice system. Members shall be reimbursed for travel expenses
incurred in the conduct of their duties. The board shall review the
office of the ombudsman reports and meet at least bimonthly with the
ombudsmen, the director, the commissioner and other appropriate
personnel to discuss the reports. The board is an advisory body and has
no administrative duties. It shall advise the commissioner on matters
pertaining to the office of the ombudsman and on matters related to
complaint and grievance resolution. The board shall have the authority

1. request the office of the ombudsman and/or the commissioner to
conduct investigations;

2. make inquiries at the request of the director or the commissioner,
or, on its own motion, into matters affecting the legal rights of youth
residing in facilities operated by the office;

3. convene meetings and communicate freely with the ombudsmen and the
office of the ombudsman;

4. evaluate the effectiveness of the office of the ombudsman and make
necessary inquiries to that end; and

5. visit office facilities and grounds and inspect records of the
office pertaining to such facilities. Laws and regulations governing the
confidentiality of records must be adhered to, and the general counsel
for the office should be notified concerning the records to be
inspected. During any such visit to facilities or inspection of records,
the board members may speak with youth and facility staff.