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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 19-L
§ 548-g. Evaluation. 1. The committee shall conduct two evaluations of
the implementation and effectiveness of this article: a compilation of
individual project evaluations to be conducted in accordance with
criteria established in paragraph d of subdivision one of section five
hundred forty-eight-f of this article; and a comprehensive neighborhood
based initiatives evaluation.

a. Individual project evaluations shall be conducted pursuant to the
requirements of this article and submitted to the committee for review.
The committee shall forward its comments and criticisms to the approved
projects with recommendations of strategies for remediation of project
deficiencies. Further, the committee shall compile the evaluations and
the required comments and recommendations into a single document and
shall submit such compilation to the governor and the legislature by
January first, nineteen hundred ninety-two.

b. The committee shall cause to be prepared a comprehensive
neighborhood based initiatives evaluation, which shall assess the
efficacy and impact of the unified contract, the authorization relating
to waiver of regulations, and the statutory exemptions on the delivery
of services enacted by the legislature. In addition, the committee shall
assess the extent to which the initiative has:

i. accomplished the goals and objectives to be reported to the

ii. improved the coordination of program development and service
provision by the agencies participating on the committee; and

iii. reduced or eliminated duplicative and conflicting regulations.

2. The committee shall submit to the governor and the legislature an
interim report, which shall include a compilation of the goals and
objectives of the approved projects, and shall supplement such
compilation with a statement of goals and objectives that relate
specifically to the state's role in policy development, administration,
and delivery of services to the targeted communities not later than
January first, nineteen hundred ninety-two.