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Duties of courts and peace officers
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 35
§ 837-b. Duties of courts and peace officers. 1. It is hereby made the
duty of the state administrator of the unified court system; and of
every sheriff, county or city commissioner of correction and head of
every police department, state, county, or local, and also railroad,
steamship, park, aqueduct and tunnel police and town constables, of
every district attorney, of every probation agency; and of head of every
institution or department, state, county and local, dealing with
criminals and of every other officer, person or agency, dealing with
crimes or criminals or with delinquency or delinquents, to transmit to
the commissioner not later than the fifteenth day of each calendar
month, or at such times as provided in the rules and regulations adopted
by the commissioner, such information as may be necessary to enable him
to comply with subdivision four of section eight hundred thirty-seven.
Such reports shall be made upon forms which shall be supplied by the

2. Such officers and agencies shall install and maintain records
needed for reporting data required by the commissioner and shall give
him or his accredited agents access to records for the purpose of

3. For every neglect to comply with the requirements of this section,
the commissioner may apply to the supreme court for an order directed to
such person responsible requiring compliance. Upon such application the
court may issue such order as may be just, and a failure to comply with
the order of the court shall be a contempt of court and punishable as