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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Functions; powers and duties
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 42
§ 913. Functions; powers and duties. The secretary shall have the
following functions, powers and duties:

1. To advise the governor and agencies of state government concerning
planning, programs and policies for the achievement of wise use of the
land and water resources of coastal areas and inland waterways, giving
full consideration to ecological, cultural, historic, aesthetic values
and the needs for economic development and to encourage public and
private institutions to preserve, protect, enhance, develop and use
coastal and inland waterway resources in a manner consistent with the
purposes and policies of this article.

2. To evaluate and make recommendations on federal, state and local
programs and legislation relating to coastal and inland waterway
resources issues;

3. To review and approve acceptable waterfront revitalization programs
as herein provided;

4. To review, evaluate and issue recommendations and opinions
concerning programs and actions of state agencies which may have the
potential to affect the policies and purposes of this article, including
but not limited to, programs within the jurisdiction of the departments
of state, agriculture and markets, environmental conservation, public
service, commerce and transportation, the offices of energy and parks
and recreation and the office of general services.

5. To enter into contracts with any person, firm, corporation,
municipality or governmental agency;

6. To adopt, amend or rescind such rules and regulations as may be
necessary or convenient to the performance of the functions, powers and
duties of the secretary; and

7. To do all other things necessary or convenient to carry out the
functions, powers and duties expressly set forth in this article or as
may from time to time be confined upon the secretary by the legislature
of the state.