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This entry was published on 2022-12-23
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Veterans' Services
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18

Section 350. Definitions.

351. Division of veterans' services.

352. Veterans' affairs commission.

352-a. Veterans employment task force.

353. General functions, powers and duties of division.

353-a. Veteran speaker education program.

354. Cooperation and facilities of other departments.

354-a. Information on status of veterans receiving assistance.

354-b. New York state supplemental burial allowance for members

of the armed forces of the United States killed in

combat or duty subject to hostile fire or imminent

danger, as defined in 37 USC § 310(a)(4).

354-c. New York state veteran burial fund.

354-d. Time within which marriage may be solemnized; member of

the armed forces.

354-e. Use of personal confidential information obtained from

veterans or family members of veterans receiving

services from the state and political subdivisions


354-f. Loan counseling for mortgages guaranteed by the

Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944.

355. Acceptance of gifts.

356. State veterans' service agency.

357. Local veterans' service agencies.

358. Powers and duties of local veterans' service agencies.

359. Location and cost of local veterans' service agencies;

deputy local directors.

360. Local veterans' service committees.

361. Appropriations for expenses and activities of local

veterans' service agencies.

361-b. Women veterans coordinator.

361-c. Women veterans advisory committee.

362. Creation of annuity.

363. Evidence of entitlement.

364. Persons who may receive annuity.

365. New York state veterans cemeteries.

366. Veterans health screening.

367. Payment to parents of veterans.

368. Cremated remains of a veteran.

368-a. Intake forms for admission and residency.

368-b. Veterans memorial registry.

* NB Repealed April 1, 2023