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This entry was published on 2023-12-01
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Miscellaneous Provisions
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18

Section 161. Certain searches, the filing of papers, and certified

copies, ordered by state officers to be gratuitous.

162. Contracts for professional services of state and

municipal employees.

163. Contracts for services of state agencies.

163-a. Contracts with Green Thumb Environmental

Beautification, Incorporated.

164. Reports by and to the department.

164-a. Report and publication economy regulations.

164-b. State aid to rural areas; agency reports.

164-c. Printing cost reduction notices.

164-d. Availability of application forms.

165. Commission on uniform state laws; object; membership;

term of office; expenses.

166. Record of appearances.

167. Advertising and publicizing summer camps cited as


168. Notices to attorneys at law by state bodies or


168-a. Designation of days of commemoration.

169. Salaries of certain state officers.

170. Audit of agencies by the state comptroller; reports of

corrective action.

170-a. Celebration of Rosa Parks; bus companies.

170-b. Employee loans.

170-b*2. Racial references contained in state and municipal


170-c. Regulatory penalties for small businesses.

170-d. Disclosure of disabled tenants' rights.

170-e. Disclosure of lawful source of income rights to

prospective tenants.

170-e*2. Collection of demographic information.

170-f. Website accessibility; contractors and vendors.

170-g. Collection of demographic information; sexual

orientation and gender expression.

171. Discovery and disposition of human remains and funerary