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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Family Court Act (FCT) CHAPTER 686, ARTICLE 10, PART 4
§ 1048. Adjournments. (a) The court may adjourn a fact-finding hearing
or a dispositional hearing for good cause shown on its own motion, or on
motion of the corporation counsel, county attorney or district attorney,
or on motion of the petitioner or on motion of the child or on his
behalf or of the parent or other person legally responsible for the care
of the child. If so requested by the parent or other person legally
responsible for the care of the child, the court shall not proceed with
a fact-finding hearing earlier than three days after service of summons
and petition, unless emergency medical or surgical procedures are
necessary to safeguard the life or health of the child.

(b) At the conclusion of a fact-finding hearing and after the court
has made findings required before a dispositional hearing may commence,
the court may on its own motion or motion of the respondent, the
petitioner or the child's attorney order a reasonable adjournment of the
proceedings to enable the court to make inquiry into the surroundings,
conditions and capacities of the persons involved in the proceedings.

(c) Whenever a child has been remanded to the care of an agency or
institution under section ten hundred fifty-one of this article, notice
of any dispositional hearing shall be served upon the agency or
institution with whom the child was placed and upon the agency
supervising the care of the child on behalf of the agency with whom the
child was placed. Service of notice of the adjourned hearing shall be
made in such manner and on such notice as the court may, in its
discretion, prescribe. Any such agency or institution served with notice
pursuant to this subdivision may apply to the court for leave to be