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This entry was published on 2016-05-27
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Nature and effect of adjudication
Family Court Act (FCT) CHAPTER 686, ARTICLE 3, PART 8
§ 380.1. Nature and effect of adjudication. 1. No adjudication under
this article may be denominated a conviction and no person adjudicated a
juvenile delinquent shall be denominated a criminal by reason of such

2. No adjudication under this article shall operate as a forfeiture of
any right or privilege or disqualify any person from holding any public
office or receiving any license granted by public authority. Such
adjudication shall not operate as a disqualification of any person to
pursue or engage in any lawful activity, occupation, profession or

3. Except where specifically required by statute, no person shall be
required to divulge information pertaining to the arrest of the
respondent or any subsequent proceeding under this article; provided,
however, whenever a person adjudicated a juvenile delinquent has been
placed with the office of children and family services pursuant to
section 353.3 of this article, and is thereafter enrolled as a student
in a public or private elementary or secondary school, the court that
has adjudicated such person shall provide notification of such
adjudication to the designated educational official of the school in
which such person is enrolled as a student. Such notification shall be
used by the designated educational official only for purposes related to
the execution of the student's educational plan, where applicable,
successful school adjustment and reentry into the community. Such
notification shall be kept separate and apart from such student's school
records and shall be accessible only by the designated educational
official. Such notification shall not be part of such student's
permanent school record and shall not be appended to or included in any
documentation regarding such student and shall be destroyed at such time
as such student is no longer enrolled in the school district. At no time
shall such notification be used for any purpose other than those
specified in this subdivision.

4. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, where a finding of
juvenile delinquency has been entered, upon request, the records
pertaining to such case shall be made available to the commissioner of
mental health or the commissioner of developmental disabilities, as
appropriate; the case review panel; and the attorney general pursuant to
section 10.05 of the mental hygiene law.