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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Persons who may originate proceedings
Family Court Act (FCT) CHAPTER 686, ARTICLE 4, PART 2
§ 422. Persons who may originate proceedings. (a) A husband, wife,
child, or relative in need of public assistance or care may originate a
proceeding under this article to compel a person chargeable with the
support to support the petitioner as required by law. A social services
official may originate a proceeding under this article if so authorized
by section one hundred and two of the social services law. The
commissioner of mental health may originate a proceeding under this
article when authorized by article forty-three of the mental hygiene
law. A parent or guardian, of a child, or other person in loco parentis,
or a representative of an incorporated charitable or philanthropic
society having a legitimate interest in the petitioner, or, when the
petitioner is unable because of his physical or mental condition to file
a petition, a guardian ad litem, or a committee, conservator, next
friend or other person appointed by the court, may file a petition in
behalf of a dependent relative.

(b) Any party to a decree of divorce, separation, or annulment may
originate a proceeding to enforce or modify a decree of the supreme
court or a court of competent jurisdiction, not of the state of New
York, as is provided in part six of this article.