1. The Laws of New York
  2. Court Acts
  3. Family Court
  4. Article 7: Proceedings Concerning Whether a Person Is In Need of Supervision
  5. Part 7: Compliance With Orders

Section 773 Petition for transfer for incorrigibility

Family Court (FCT)

Any institution, society or agency in which a person was placed under section seven hundred fifty-six may petition to the court which made the order of placement for transfer of that person to a society or agency, governed or controlled by persons of the same religious faith or persuasion as that of the child, where practicable, or, if not practicable, to some other suitable institution, or to some other suitable institution on the ground that such person

  (a) is incorrigible and that his or her presence is seriously detrimental to the welfare of the applicant institution, society, agency or other persons in its care, or

  (b) after placement by the court was released on parole or probation from such institution, society or agency and a term or condition of the release was willfully violated. The petition shall be verified by an officer of the applicant institution, society or agency and shall specify the act or acts bringing the person within this section.