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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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NYS Financial Emergency Act for the city of NY 868/75 (FEA) CHAPTER 0
§ 13. Termination. This act shall terminate on the later of (a) July
first, two thousand eight or (b) the date (i) when all bonds and notes
containing the pledge and agreement authorized by subdivision one of
section ten-a of this act are refunded, redeemed, discharged or
otherwise defeased, or (ii) when there shall no longer be outstanding
any guarantee by the United States of America or any agency or
instrumentality thereof as to payment of principal of or interest on any
note or bond issued by the city or a state financing agency, whichever
of (i) or (ii) shall occur later.

* Terminates July 1, 2008 or ... see § 13