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Administration of the board
NYS Financial Emergency Act for the city of NY 868/75 (FEA) CHAPTER 0
* § 6. Administration of the board. 1. The membership of the board
shall be the governor, the state comptroller (pursuant to his authority
to supervise the accounts of any political subdivision of the state),
the mayor, the city comptroller and three members appointed by the
governor with the advice and consent of the senate. At least two of the
appointed members shall be residents of the city or have their principal
place of business in the city. Such appointed members shall serve at the
pleasure of the governor. The governor shall be the chairman of the
board and the governor or his representative shall preside over all
meetings of the board. The board shall act by majority vote of the
entire board. The board shall maintain a record of its proceedings in
such form as it may determine, but such record shall indicate attendance
and all votes cast by each member. Every member of the board, who is
otherwise an elected official of the state or city, shall be entitled to
designate a representative to attend, in his place, meetings of the
board and to vote or otherwise act in his behalf. Written notice of such
designation shall be furnished to the board by the designating member
prior to any meeting attended by his representative. Any such
representative shall serve at the pleasure of the designating member. No
such representative shall be authorized to delegate any of his duties or
functions to any other person. The lieutenant governor, temporary
president of the senate, the minority leader of the senate, speaker and
minority leader of the assembly, the president of the council of the
city of New York, the city board of estimate acting by majority vote,
and the vice-chairman and the minority leader of the council of the city
of New York, shall each be entitled to appoint a representative to the
board. Each such representative shall be entitled to receive notice of
and to attend all meetings of the board but shall not be entitled to
vote. No representative shall be an employee or officer of the federal,
state or city governments. Each representative shall serve at the
pleasure of the appointing official or body, shall be eligible for
reappointment, and shall hold office until his successor has been

2. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provisions of law, general,
special or local, no officer or employee of the state, or political
subdivision of the state, any governmental entity operating any public
school or college or other public agency or instrumentality or unit of
government which exercises governmental powers under the laws of the
state, shall forfeit his office or employment by reason of his
acceptance or appointment as a member, representative, officer, employee
or agent of the board nor shall service as such member, representative,
officer, employee or agent of the board be deemed incompatible or in
conflict with such office or employment.

3. The members of the board appointed by the governor and all
representatives designated by members of the board shall serve without
salary or per diem allowance but shall be entitled to reimbursement for
actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of official
duties under this act, provided however that such members and
representatives are not, at the time such expenses are incurred, public
employees otherwise entitled to such reimbursement.

4. The governor and the mayor, jointly, shall appoint an executive
director of the board who shall serve at the pleasure of the board and
may be removed by the board. The board may delegate to the executive
director or to one or more of its other officers, employees or agents,
such powers and duties as the board may deem proper, except any duties
inconsistent with the duties and functions prescribed by any other
office or position any such person may hold.

* Terminates July 1, 2008 or ... see § 13