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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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What must be stated in passage ticket
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 9-A
§ 123. What must be stated in passage ticket. A ticket or instrument
issued as evidence of a right of passage upon the high seas, from any
port in this state, to any port of any other state or nation, and every
certificate or order issued for the purpose, or under pretense of
procuring any such ticket or instrument, and every receipt for money
paid for such ticket or instrument must state the name of the vessel on
board of which the passage is to be made, the name of the owners or
consignees of such vessel, the name of the company, or line, if any, to
which such vessel belongs, its country of registry, the place from which
such passage is to commence, the place where such passage is to
terminate, the day of the month and year upon which the voyage is to
commence, the name of the person purchasing such ticket or instrument,
or receiving such order, certificate or receipt, and the amount paid
therefor; and such ticket or instrument, order, certificate or receipt,
unless sold or issued by the owners or consignees of such vessel, must
be signed by their authorized agent.