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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 14
§ 240. Definitions. When used in this article,

1. "Aircraft" means any contrivance, now or hereafter invented, for
avigation of or flight in the air, except a parachute or other
contrivance designed for use, and carried primarily for safety

2. "Avigation" means the steering, directing or managing of an
aircraft, in or through the air; and such term is here used as a
substitute for "aerial navigation."

3. "Operating aircraft" means performing the services of aircraft

4. "Landing area" means any locality either of land or water,
including airports and intermediate landing fields, which is used or
intended to be used for the landing and take-off of aircraft, whether or
not facilities are provided for shelter, servicing or repair of aircraft
or for receiving or discharging passengers or cargo.

5. "Airport" means any landing area used regularly by aircraft for
receiving or discharging passengers or cargo; or for the landing and
take-off of aircraft being used for personal or training purposes.

6. "Acrobatic flying" means maneuvers not necessary for normal flight
and intentionally performed by an aircraft, involving an abrupt change
in its attitude, an abnormal attitude or an abnormal acceleration.

7. "Administrator of the federal aviation agency" means the
administrator of the federal aviation agency of the United States.

8. "Airplane" means a mechanically propelled aircraft, the support of
which in flight is derived dynamically from the reaction on surfaces in
a fixed position relative to the aircraft but in motion relative to the

9. "Control zone" means an airspace of defined dimensions extending
upwards from the surface of the ground and including one or more
airports and designated as such by the administrator of the federal
aviation agency.

10. "Flight visibility" means the average horizontal distance that
prominent objects may be seen from the cockpit.

11. "Helicopter" means an aircraft, the support of which in the air is
normally derived from airfoils mechanically rotated about an
approximately vertical axis.