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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Unlawful detention of milk cans
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 17
§ 270. Unlawful detention of milk cans. No person shall, without the
consent of the owner or shipper, or his agent, use, sell, dispose of,
buy or traffic in any can, irrespective of its condition, or the use to
which it may have been applied, belonging to any dealer in or shipper of
milk or cream in this state or which may be shipped to any town, village
or city in the state, which can has the name or initials of such owner,
dealer or shipper stamped, marked or fastened thereupon, or wilfully
mar, erase or change by re-marking or otherwise such name or initials.

If any person, without the consent of such owner, dealer or shipper,
or his agent, uses, sells, disposes of, buys, traffics in or has in his
possession or under his control any such can, it shall be presumptive
evidence that such use, sale, disposal, purchase, traffic or possession
is unlawful.

Any such owner, dealer or shipper, or his agent, may take possession
of any can used in violation of this article wherever found, and if
filled or partly filled with milk or cream, and the person in whose
possession it is found does not, when requested, immediately empty the
same, such owner, dealer or shipper, or his agent, may empty the same
into the street or elsewhere, and shall not be liable for damages for
any act done pursuant to the provisions of this article.