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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Standard test and storage of refined petroleum and kerosene oil
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 19
§ 303. Standard test and storage of refined petroleum and kerosene
oil. Refined petroleum or kerosene oil shall not be kept on sale or
stored in any such city, the fire test of which shall be less than one
hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit, determined by authorized inspectors
using G. Tagliabue's or other improved instruments; and the barrels or
packages containing the same shall be legibly stamped or marked with the
inspector's official stamp or mark. If stored above the cellar or
basement of any building and in barrels of not over forty-five gallons
each, or in metallic vessels or tanks for the convenience of retailing,
the quantity so stored shall not exceed the contents of ten barrels,
unless packed in hermetically sealed metallic packages, when such
quantity shall not exceed one hundred barrels. If stored in cellars or
basements surrounded by walls of brick or stone, and at least two feet
below the level of the sidewalk, street or adjacent land, such quantity
shall not exceed the contents of one hundred and fifty barrels, unless
stored in warehouses specially adapted for the purpose pursuant to this
article. No more than five barrels thereof shall be kept or stored in
any building occupied wholly or in part as a dwelling.

Not more than ten barrels of benzine or naphtha shall be kept or
stored in any building, and not more than three barrels thereof in any
building any part of which is occupied as a dwelling.

This and the preceding section shall not prevent the storage of crude
or refined petroleum in wrought-iron tanks detached from any building
and especially adapted for that purpose, or in other tanks so
constructed that the top is at least two feet below the street or the
adjoining land and covered with at least one foot of earth, and
appurtenant to or connected with a refinery, with the approval of the
inspectors of buildings, fire marshal or other proper authorities.