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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Gas space heating appliances to be equipped with back draft diverters and automatic shutoff devices
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 20
§ 322-c. Gas space heating appliances to be equipped with back draft
diverters and automatic shutoff devices. On and after July first,
nineteen hundred sixty-five it shall be unlawful to manufacture or
assemble, or to sell or offer for sale, or to install, use or maintain
in any building used or occupied as a residence, any space heating
appliance using natural and/or manufactured gas fuel unless such
appliance is equipped with (a) a back draft diverter with vents of
sufficient capacity to permit the discharge of combustion gases away
from the burning gas, except where such appliance (i) is provided with a
sealed combustion chamber directly vented to the outside, or (ii) is
listed by an accredited third party agency as an unvented appliance in
compliance with American National Standard Z21.11.2 and meets or exceeds
standards established by rules and regulations promulgated, and which
may be periodically amended, by the department of health and approved by
the state fire prevention and building code council, and (b) an
automatic shutoff device to prevent the flow of gas if the flame or
pilot light, thereof is extinguished; provided, however, that nothing
contained herein shall be construed as repealing or in any manner
limiting, restricting or diminishing any power conferred by any
provision of law upon any city having a population of one million or
more, or any body, agency or officer thereof, to enact or adopt local
laws, ordinances, other local enactments or rules or regulations
relating in any manner to gas space heating appliances, so long as such
local laws, ordinances, enactments, rules or regulations in so far as
the same relate to the subject matter of this section, are not less
restrictive than the provisions of this section. A violation of the
provisions of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor.