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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Publication of owner's name
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 21
§ 330. Publication of owner's name. 1. Every newspaper, magazine or
other periodically printed publication published in this state, shall
publish in every copy of every issue, upon the editorial page or in one
of the first four pages of the publication, the full name and address of
the owner, owners, proprietor or proprietors of such publication; and if
said publication shall be owned or published by a corporation, then the
name of the corporation and the address of its principal place of
business shall be published, together with the full names and addresses
of the president, secretary and treasurer thereof; and if the said
publication shall be owned or published by a partnership, limited
partnership, or an unincorporated joint stock association, then the full
names and addresses of the partners, or officers and managers of said
partnership, limited partnership or unincorporated joint-stock
association shall be published in like manner. The representative
capacities of those named shall be indicated in like manner.

2. Every publication printed or reprinted after September first,
nineteen hundred sixty-three which is so composed or illustrated as a
whole as to be devoted to the description or portrayal of bondage,
sadism, masochism or other sexual perversion or to the exploitation of
sex or nudity and published in this state shall conspicuously have
imprinted on the cover, title, or copyright page or at the end of the
publication the true name and address of the publisher or printer.