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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 22-B
§ 350-g. Definitions. When used in this article, the following terms
shall have the meaning ascribed to them:

1. "Water treatment unit" shall mean a product, device or system
designed for personal, family or household use and for which a claim or
claims are made that it will improve the quality of water by reducing
one or more contaminants through mechanical, physical, chemical or
biological processes or combinations thereof. Each model of a system or
a device shall be deemed a distinct water treatment unit.

2. "Contaminant" shall mean only those physical, chemical,
microbiological, or radiological substances in water for which a federal
maximum contaminant level exists pursuant to the federal Safe Drinking
Water Act or a state maximum contaminant level exists pursuant to the
public health law or a guideline exists which has been established by
the commissioner of health.

3. "Person" shall mean an individual, corporation, partnership, joint
venture, or any business entity.

4. "Label" shall mean the written, printed or graphic matter (i)
affixed or attached to or printed on the water treatment unit, or (ii)
placed on or otherwise made a part of the containers or wrappers of such

5. "Performance data sheet" shall mean a booklet, document, label or
other printed material containing, at a minimum, the information
required pursuant to section three hundred fifty-i of this article.

6. "Catalogue sale" shall mean any sale by means of printed material
received by the consumer, including advertisements in newspapers,
magazines or similar publications which contains the terms of sale,
retail price, and instructions for ordering from which a consumer can
order such unit.

7. "Qualified laboratory" shall mean:

a. A laboratory equipped and staffed to perform water treatment unit
product validation testing using, where applicable:

(i) United States Environmental Protection Agency standards for
drinking water quality and maximum contaminant levels, or their
equivalent, and

(ii) Testing protocols developed pursuant to a peer review process
within the water treatment unit industry; or

b. A laboratory certified under any state's water treatment unit law
or regulation, provided that certification standards are at least as
stringent as those of the state of New York, if any standards exist.