1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. General Business
  4. Article 25-A: Articles of Bedding

Section 387 Inspections

General Business (GBS)

Every place where articles of bedding are made, remade or renovated, or materials therefor are prepared or sterilized, or where such articles or materials are sold, shall be subject to inspection by the secretary of state who shall have power to inspect the manufacture, sale or delivery, and sanitization of all articles or materials covered by this article, to open and examine the contents thereof and power to seize and hold for evidence any article of bedding, in whole or in part, which the secretary has reason to believe is made or sold or held in possession in violation of this article. The frequency of such inspections shall be at the discretion of the secretary of state. For the purpose of administering and enforcing the provisions of this article the secretary shall have and may use the powers conferred on him by the executive law in addition to the powers conferred in this article.