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This entry was published on 2015-07-24
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General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 27
§ 409. Fees. 1. The non-refundable fee for an application for a
license to engage in the practice of nail specialty, waxing, natural
hair styling, esthetics or cosmetology, shall be forty dollars initially
and for each renewal thereof the fee shall be forty dollars; the fee for
a temporary license and each renewal shall be ten dollars.

2. The fee for an appearance enhancement business license shall be
sixty dollars initially and sixty dollars for each renewal thereof.

3. Upon a determination that it is in the best public interest to do
so, the secretary may promulgate rules imposing fees not to exceed
twenty dollars for the registration and renewal of the registration of a

4. The secretary shall receive a non-refundable examination fee of
fifteen dollars from each person who takes a written examination
pursuant to this article. Fees collected pursuant to this article shall
be deposited to the credit of the business and licensing services
account established pursuant to the provisions of section ninety-seven-y
of the state finance law.

5. The fee for issuing a duplicate license certificate, in
substitution for one lost, destroyed or mutilated shall be ten dollars.

6. The fee for changing a name on an appearance enhancement business
license shall be thirty dollars.

7. The fee for changing the address on a license shall be ten dollars.

8. The fees herein set forth shall be those for licenses issued for
the license period of four years.