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Powers of the secretary of state
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 28
§ 433. Powers of the secretary of state. In addition to the powers and
duties elsewhere prescribed in this article, the secretary of state
shall have power: 1. To appoint an adequate number of assistants,
inspectors and other employees as may be necessary to carry out the
provisions of this article, to prescribe their duties, and to fix their
compensation within the amount appropriated therefor.

2. To examine into the qualifications and fitness of applicants for
licenses or certificates and of prospective applicants under this

3. To require all persons licensed or registered under this article to
submit to physical examination by a physician or nurse practitioner
selected by the secretary of state.

4. To keep records of all licenses issued, suspended or revoked.

5. To prepare a manual of rules and regulations for the conduct of
examinations and to furnish copies thereof to persons desiring the same
upon payment of a reasonable fee therefor.

6. To adopt such rules and regulations not inconsistent with the
provisions of this article, as may be necessary with respect to the form
and content of applications for licenses, the reception thereof, the
investigation and examination of applicants and/or prospective
applicants taking examinations and their qualifications, and the other
matters incidental or appropriate to the secretary of state's powers and
duties as prescribed by this article and for the proper administration
and enforcement of the provisions of this article, and to amend or
repeal any of such rules and regulations.

7. To grant a temporary license to engage in the practice of
barbering, in his own discretion, where a situation exists which will
render a hardship on a community to be without a licensed barber. Such
temporary license shall be granted to a holder of a certificate of
registration as an apprentice who has had some training or experience in
the practice of barbering and shall be valid only as long as the
secretary of state may decide, or as long as the hardship condition