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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 29
§ 503. Administration. 1. The commissioner is hereby authorized and
directed to prescribe such rules and regulations, including provisions
for maintenance of records relating to products, fabrics or related
materials, and for the labeling for a product, fabric or related
material, as may be necessary and proper for purposes of administration
and enforcement of this article.

2. The commissioner is hereby authorized and directed to promulgate
the standards of flammability and shall include such standards of
flammability in such rules and regulations which he may publish.

3. Such standards, rules and regulations, promulgated by the
commissioner pursuant to this article, shall be filed in the office of
the secretary of state before becoming effective and may be amended and
revised from time to time. Each such standard, rule or regulation or
amendment thereto shall become effective twelve months from the date on
which such standard, rule, regulation or amendment is promulgated,
unless the commissioner finds for good cause shown that an earlier or
later effective date is in the public interest and publishes the reason
for such finding. Each such standard, rule or regulation or amendment
thereto shall exempt products, fabrics or related materials in inventory
or with the trade as of the date on which the standard, rule or
regulation or amendment thereto becomes effective except that if the
commissioner finds that any such product, fabric or related material is
so highly flammable as to be dangerous when used by consumers for the
purpose for which it is intended, he may under such conditions as the
commissioner may prescribe, withdraw, or limit the exemptions for such
product, fabric or related material.

4. The commissioner is authorized to cooperate on matters related to
the purposes of this article with any department or agency of the
federal, state or municipal government; with any state, territory or
possession of the United States or with the District of Columbia; or
with any department, agency or political subdivision thereof; or with
any person.

5. The commissioner may obtain from any person by regulation or
subpoena issued pursuant thereto such information in the form of
testimony, books, records, or other writings as is pertinent to the
findings or determinations which he is required or authorized to make
pursuant to this article.

All information reported to or otherwise obtained by the commissioner
or his representative pursuant to this subdivision which information
contains or relates to a trade secret shall be considered confidential,
except that such information may be disclosed to other officers or
employees concerned with carrying out this article or when relevant in
any proceeding under this article.