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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Deceptive acts prohibited
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 30
§ 626. Deceptive acts prohibited. It is hereby declared to be an
unfair and deceptive trade practice and unlawful for a seller to:

1. Misrepresent directly or indirectly in its advertising, promotional
materials, or in any manner the size, location, facilities or equipment
of its studio, or place of business or the number or qualifications of
its personnel;

2. Use or refer to fictional organization divisions or position titles
or make any representation which has the tendency or capacity to mislead
or deceive consumers as to the size or importance of the business, its
divisions, or personnel, or in any other material respect;

3. Misrepresent directly or indirectly the size, importance, location,
facilities, or equipment of the business through use of photographs,
illustrations, or any other depictions in catalogs, advertisements, or
other promotional materials;

4. Misrepresent the location or locations at which its services will
be offered;

5. Misrepresent the nature of its courses, training devices, methods
or equipment or the number, qualifications, training, or experience of
its personnel, whether by means of endorsements or otherwise;

6. Misrepresent the nature and extent of any personal services,
guidance, assistance, or other attention the business will provide for

7. Designate or refer to his sales representation using terms that
misrepresent in any other manner, the titles, qualifications, training,
experience or status of his salesmen, agents, employees, or other
representatives; and

8. Misrepresent in any manner by the seller or his assignee the
buyer's right to cancel under this article.