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This entry was published on 2022-04-08
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Weight loss services; notice
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 30-B
§ 642. Weight loss services; notice. 1. Any person, firm or
corporation offering weight loss services or weight loss services and
products in this state by means of selling or offering to sell such
services or products to the public shall either (i) conspicuously post a
sign, measuring at least nine inches by fourteen inches, where consumers
are offered the services or products, in writing, in at least ten point
print, or (ii) provide in writing, in at least ten point print, to
individuals and consumers prior to the purchase of such goods or
services the following notice or some other notice which substantially
contains or provides the following information.


a. WARNING! Rapid weight loss may cause serious health problems. Rapid
weight loss is weight loss of more than 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per week or
weight loss of more than 1 percent of body weight per week after the
second week of participation in a weight loss program.

b. Consult your physician before starting any weight loss program or
using any diet medications or formulas.

c. Long term weight control is the safest and most important goal of
any diet program. Permanent lifestyle changes such as eating nutritious
foods, calorie control and increasing physical activity help promote
long term weight loss according to medical experts.

d. Ask the person providing or selling you weight loss advice or diet
products, medications or formulas about their qualifications and
training in nutrition and health.

e. You have the right to:

(i) Ask questions about the potential health risks of this program or
product, its nutritional content, and its psychological-support and
educational components;

(ii) Know the price of treatment, including the price of any extra
products, services, supplements and laboratory tests; and

(iii) Know the program duration of the program recommended to you.

2. The provisions of this section shall not apply to direct sellers,
retail stores or pharmacies selling weight loss products and providing
information to the public regarding individual products, unless such
businesses offer both weight loss services and weight loss products.
Furthermore, the provisions of this section shall not apply to weight
loss services provided to an individual by any person, firm or
corporation which provides weight loss services incidental to their
primary professional services to such individual and which does not
offer to sell weight loss services or weight loss products to the