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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 31
§ 651. Definitions. For the purposes of this article, the terms:

1. "Advertising" means any written, printed, audio or visual
communication by a membership campground operator or an employee or
agent of a membership campground operator made in conjunction with the
promotion and sale of campground memberships.

2. "Business day" means any calendar day except Sunday or any legal

3. "Dues" means the annual or periodic fees, other than the purchase
price or user fees, that must be paid as a condition to continued
membership in and use of a membership campground.

4. "Major capital improvement" means an upgrade or improvement or
improvements which, in the aggregate, cost in excess of fifty thousand

5. "Membership campground" means real property, together with such
fixtures and improvements as campsites, bathrooms, showers, swimming
pools, tennis courts, recreational buildings, stores and other amenities
that are made available to purchasers of membership camping contracts.

6. "Membership camping contract" or "contract" means an agreement
offered or sold evidencing a purchaser's right or license to use a
membership campground under terms wherein no exclusive right to use is
granted for a specific and identifiable unit, and where the operator
does not assign a specific and fixed number of days or weeks which the
purchaser may use and where the operator does not represent the contract
as an investment opportunity under which the purchaser might assign,
sell or transfer his or her contract for profit. This term does not
include any arrangement or other device, whether by agreement or
otherwise, under which a purchaser has the one-time right to use a
specific, identified camping site, and related facilities, for a
specific, identified time period, such as with an overnight or a
seasonal rental. This term also does not include reciprocal programs or
any arrangement or other device under which a purchaser acquires any
leasehold, fee, timeshare or other ownership interest in a campground.

7. "Membership campground operator" or "operator" means any person,
corporation, partnership, or other entity that owns or operates a
membership campground.

8. "Purchase price" means the purchase price of a camping contract,
including finance charges and related closing costs, if any, but
excluding dues and user fees.

9. "Purchaser" means a person who enters into a membership camping
contract and obtains the right or license to use membership campgrounds.

10. "Reciprocal program" means any arrangement allowing a purchaser to
use campgrounds or other properties other than the membership campground
which is the subject of the purchaser's membership camping contract.

11. "User fees" means optional fees that may be charged for specific
goods or services that are not covered under the membership camping