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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Declaration of legislative findings and intent
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 32
§ 671. Declaration of legislative findings and intent. The legislature
finds and declares that the viewing of rented video tapes and movies in
the home is a popular and widespread leisure pastime. Innumerable retail
establishments in this state commonly record, often by computer, data
containing the identities of consumers who have rented video tapes and
movies and the titles of the videos rented. The large amounts of
personally identifiable information collected by such establishments,
and the possibility of public dissemination of that information, pose a
serious threat to the personal privacy of New Yorkers and is therefore a
matter of state concern.

It is the intent of the legislature by enactment of this article to
protect the personal privacy of individuals and their families who rent
video cassette tapes and movies and similar audio visual materials,
without unreasonably restricting the ability of video tape service
providers to collect and use information as is necessary to conducting
their businesses.