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Enforcement by attorney general
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 33
§ 692. Enforcement by attorney general. 1. The department may
prosecute every person charged with a criminal offense in violation of
this article and regulations issued thereunder. In all such proceedings,
the department may appear before any court of record or any grand jury
and perform all the duties in respect of such actions or proceedings
which the district attorney would otherwise be authorized or required to
exercise or perform; or the department may in its discretion transmit
evidence, proof and information as to such offense to the district
attorney of the county or counties in which the alleged violation has
occurred, and every district attorney to whom such evidence, proof and
information is so transmitted may proceed to investigate and prosecute
any person charged with such violation. In any such proceeding wherein
the department has appeared, the district attorney shall only exercise
such powers and perform such duties as are required of him by the

2. Upon a showing by the department that a fraudulent practice as
defined by this article has occurred, the department may include in an
action under this article an application to direct restitution of any
moneys or property obtained directly or indirectly by any such
fraudulent practice.