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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Animal pedigree registration
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 35-D
§ 753-c. Animal pedigree registration. 1. Representation regarding
animal's pedigree registration. Any pet dealer who states, promises, or
represents that an animal is registered or capable of registration with
an animal pedigree registry organization shall provide the purchaser
with the appropriate documents necessary for such registration within
one hundred twenty days following sale of the animal. If the purchaser
notifies the pet dealer in writing on or before such time that he or she
has not received the appropriate registration documents, the pet dealer
shall have, in addition to the one hundred twenty days, sixty more days
in which to provide the appropriate documents.

2. If a pet dealer fails to provide documents as required under
subdivision one of this section, the purchaser, upon written notice to
the pet dealer, may keep the animal and receive a partial refund of
seventy-five percent of the purchase price, in which event the pet
dealer shall not be required to provide registration documents.
Acceptance by the purchaser of appropriate registration documents,
whether or not within the time periods set forth in subdivision one of
this section, shall be deemed a waiver of the right to a partial refund
pursuant to this subdivision.

3. Registration notice-disclosure statement. (a) A pet dealer that
sells animals registered or registrable with a pedigree registry shall
post conspicuously within close proximity to those animals a notice that
states: "Pedigree registration means that the particular registry
maintains information on the parentage and identity of the animal".

(b) For every animal sold by a pet dealer that is sold with the
representation that the animal is registered or registrable with an
animal pedigree registry organization, the following fully completed
disclosure shall be made by the pet dealer in writing on a sheet
separate from any other statement in substantially the following form:
"Disclosure of Animal pedigree registration: Description of animal: The
animal you are purchasing is registered/registrable (circle one) with
the (enter name of registry). Registration means that (enter name of
registry) maintains information regarding the parentage and identity of
this animal. Persons buying animals represented by a pet dealer as being
registrable are entitled to the papers necessary to effect such
registration within 120 days of purchase. Failure to provide such papers
entitles the purchaser to remedies under law. However, if the purchaser
notifies the pet dealer within the 120 day period that he or she has not
received such papers, the pet dealer shall have an additional 60 days
commencing at the end of the 120 day period in which to provide the
documents. Acknowledged: Date: Purchaser's Signature."

(c) The disclosure shall be signed and dated by the purchaser of the
animal, acknowledging receipt of a copy of the statement. The pet dealer
shall retain a copy of the signed disclosure.