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This entry was published on 2022-06-10
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Process server records
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 8-A
§ 89-cc. Process server records. 1. Each process server shall maintain
a legible record of all service made by him or her as prescribed in this
section. Such records shall be kept, either:

(a) in chronological order in a bound, paginated volume. Corrections
in records shall be made only by drawing a straight line through the
inaccurate entry and clearly printing the accurate information directly
above the inaccurate entry. All other methods of correction, including
but not limited to erasing, opaquing, obliterating or redacting, are
prohibited; or

(b) by submitting recorded entries to a third party contractor within
three days of service or attempted service, provided, however that
permissions pertaining to such data will be secured so that the data
cannot be deleted upon submission. Records shall be reported in
chronological order. It shall be unlawful for any process server to
tamper with data or properties of any electronic record kept pursuant to
this section after an image file is made by modifying, amending,
deleting, rearranging or in any other way altering any such data or
properties including, but not limited to, using a meta data scrubber or
similar device or program. If a typographical error has occurred or if
data contained in the process server's record was accidentally omitted
from the electronic data entry, the third party contractor may make an
amendment in which the original record shall be identified by entering
it in italics. All third party contractors must maintain a daily backup
of all submitted data, and all data must be available for review upon
request of any and all interested parties.

2. The record to be maintained shall include the following
information, where applicable:

(a) the title of the action or a reasonable abbreviation thereof;

(b) the name of the person served, if known;

(c) the date and approximate time service was effected;

(d) the address where service was effected;

(e) the nature of the papers served;

(f) the court in which the action has been commenced;

(g) the index number of the action, if known;

(h) if service is effectuated pursuant to subdivision four of section
three hundred eight of the civil practice law and rules or subdivision
one of section seven hundred thirty-five of the real property actions
and proceedings law, a description of the color of the door to which the
summons is affixed;

(i) the process serving agency from whom the process served was
received, if any;

(j) type of service effected whether personal, substituted or

(k) if service is effected pursuant to subdivision one, two or three
of section three hundred eight of the civil practice law and rules, the
record shall also include the description of the person served,
including, but not limited to sex, color of skin, hair color,
approximate age, height and weight and other identifying features;

(l) if service is effected pursuant to subdivision four of section
three hundred eight of the civil practice law and rules, the record
shall also include the dates, addresses and time of attempted service
pursuant to subdivision one, two or three of such section;

(m) if the process server files an affidavit of service with the
court, his record shall include the date of such filing.