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This entry was published on 2020-04-17
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Requirements for a registration card
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 7-A
§ 89-h. Requirements for a registration card. To qualify for a
registration card to perform security guard functions, an applicant
shall fulfill the following requirements:

1. Application: file an application with the department sworn to or
affirmed by the applicant in such form and including such information
and attachments as may be prescribed or requested by the department upon
consultation with the security guard advisory council including but not
limited to the character and fitness, competence and employment history
of the applicant;

2. Training: file a certificate with the department certifying either
that the applicant has satisfactorily completed a minimum of eight hours
of pre-assignment training as prescribed by the division or that such
requirement has been waived in accordance with section eight hundred
forty-one-c of the executive law;

3. Age: be at least eighteen years of age;

5. Criminal record: not have been convicted of a serious offense, or
of a misdemeanor in the state or of any offense in any other
jurisdiction which, if committed in this state, would constitute a
misdemeanor, and which, in the discretion of the secretary, bears such a
relationship to the performance of the duties of a security guard, as to
constitute a bar to employment;

6. Character and fitness: be of good moral character and fitness;

7. Competence: not have been declared by any court of competent
jurisdiction to be incompetent by reason of mental disease or defect
which has not been removed;

8. Employment history: not have been discharged from a correctional or
law enforcement agency for incompetence or misconduct as determined by a
court of competent jurisdiction, administrative hearing officer,
administrative law judge, arbitrator, arbitration panel or other duly
constituted tribunal, or resigned from such agency while charged with
misconduct or incompetence; provided however, that an applicant who has
been discharged or has resigned from such agency while charged with
misconduct or incompetency may submit an explanation to the department
and request a waiver of this requirement;

9. Disability: a physical or mental disability or disability by reason
of intoxication or the use of, addiction to or dependence on alcohol or
drugs which, as determined by the department, renders the applicant
unable to perform the essential functions of the security guard
position, with or without reasonable accommodation, or who, as
determined by the department, poses a direct threat to health or safety;

10. Fees: pay (a) a fee of thirty-six dollars for processing of the
application, investigation of the applicant and for the initial biennial
registration period. Such fees shall be deposited to the credit of the
business and licensing services account established pursuant to the
provisions of section ninety-seven-y of the state finance law; and (b) a
fee pursuant to subdivision eight-a of section eight hundred
thirty-seven of the executive law, and amendments thereto, for the cost
of the division's full search and retain procedures, and a fee as
determined by the federal bureau of investigation for the cost of its
fingerprint search procedures, which fees shall be remitted by the
department to the division and federal bureau of investigation; and

11. Changes: give the department written notice, within fourteen
calendar days of occurrence, of any change of circumstances which varies
from the information previously given to the department hereunder.