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This entry was published on 2016-09-09
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Combative Sports
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20

Section 1000. Definitions.

1001. Combative sports authorized.

1002. Combative sports prohibited.

1003. State athletic commission.

1004. Jurisdiction of the commission.

1005. Officers and employees of the commission.

1006. Sanctioning entities.

1007. Licenses; general provisions.

1008. Licenses; judges.

1009. Licenses; entities.

1010. Licenses; professionals.

1011. Temporary working permits.

1012. Temporary training facilities.

1013. Medical advisory board.

1014. Regulation of authorized professional combative sports.

1015. Conduct of authorized professional combative sports.

1016. Required filings.

1017. Professional wrestling; promoters.

1018. Prohibited conduct.

1019. Penalties.

1020. Subpoenas by commission; oaths.

1021. Exceptions.

1022. Disposition of receipts.