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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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City Unincorporated Business Income Tax
General City Model 772/66 (GCM) CHAPTER 772
Section 101. Imposition of tax.

101-a. Taxable years to which tax applies; tax for taxable years

beginning prior to and ending after January first,

nineteen hundred sixty-six.

102. Meaning of terms.

103. Unincorporated business defined.

104. Unincorporated business taxable income.

105. Unincorporated business gross income.

106. Unincorporated business deductions.

107. Allocation to the city.

108. Deductions not subject to allocation.

109. Unincorporated business exemptions.

115. Declarations of estimated tax.

116. Payments of estimated tax.

121. Accounting periods and methods.

122. Returns, payment of tax.

123. Time and place for filing returns and paying tax.

124. Signing of returns and other documents.

125. Extensions of time.

126. Requirements concerning returns, notices, records and


127. Report of change in federal taxable income.

127-A. Reporting of changes or corrections in sales and

compensating use tax liability.

128. Change of election.

129. Notice of deficiency.

130. Assessment.

131. Limitations on assessment.

132. Interest on underpayment.

133. Additions to tax and civil penalties.

134. Overpayment.

135. Limitations on credit or refund.

136. Interest on overpayment.

137. Petition to director of finance.

138. Review of director's decision.

139. Mailing rules; holidays.

140. Collection, levy and liens.

141. Transferees.

142. Jeopardy assessment.

143. Criminal penalties.

144. Armed forces relief provisions.

145. General powers of director of finance.

146. Secrecy requirement and penalties for violation.

147. Effect of invalidity in part.

148. Inconsistencies with other laws.

149. Deposit and disposition of revenues by director of


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