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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Registration; when required
General City (GCT) CHAPTER 21, ARTICLE 4
§ 46. Registration; when required. Every employing or master plumber
carrying on his trade, business or calling in any city of this state
shall register his name and address at the office of the board of health
or the examining board of plumbers if so designated by local law of the
city in which he shall conduct such business, under such rules as the
respective boards of health or the local board of examining plumbers, in
conjunction with the board of health of each of the cities shall
prescribe, and thereupon he shall be entitled to receive a certificate
of such registration, provided, however, that such employing or master
plumber shall at the time of applying for such registration hold a
certificate of competency from an examining board of plumbers.