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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Office room; expenses a city charge
General City (GCT) CHAPTER 21, ARTICLE 4
§ 54. Office room; expenses a city charge. Each of such examining
boards of plumbers shall have power to procure suitable quarters for the
transaction of business, to provide the necessary books and stationery
and to employ a clerk to keep such books and record the transactions of
such board. The board of estimate and apportionment or the common
council of a city as the case may be shall annually insert in their tax
levy a sufficient sum to meet all the expenditures incurred under the
provisions of this article. The expenses incurred by the several
examining boards of plumbers in the execution and performance of the
duties imposed by this article shall be a charge on the respective
cities and shall be audited, levied, collected and paid in the same
manner as other city charges are audited, levied, collected and paid.