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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 5-C
§ 118-c. Financing. Any municipal corporation shall have the power to
enter into contracts with any public benefit corporation created
pursuant to article five of the public authorities law which is
authorized by law to furnish water to such municipal corporation,
providing for the financing of the acquisition and construction of
improvements to the water supply system or water distribution system of
such municipal corporation. The terms of such contract may include,
among other provisions, provisions requiring such municipal corporation
to purchase water only from such public authority during the term of
such contract, and which term shall be limited to the lesser of (i)
thirty years or (ii) the probable useful life of the items for which any
bonds are issued by such public benefit corporation to finance the
acquisition and construction of improvements to such water supply system
or water distribution system. The resolution of the municipal governing
body authorizing the municipality to enter into the contract for
financing shall be subject to the same referendum requirements as if it
were a resolution of the municipality to authorize the sale of bonds for
the same purpose and amount. For purposes of this section, the term
"municipal corporation" shall mean any city or village or any county on
behalf of a county water district or any town on behalf of a town water
district, water storage and distribution district or water improvement