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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Local historic preservation report
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 5-K
§ 119-cc. Local historic preservation report. 1. In order to
facilitate the coordination between state and local preservation
policies and activities and to provide necessary information for the
effective financial and technical assistance to local government and for
a state clearinghouse of public preservation programs, the chief
executive officer of every county, city, town and village or designee of
such officer may within twenty-four months after the effective date of
this section, prepare or cause to be prepared a local historic
preservation report. This report may include, but need not be limited

(a) A statement of the present status of historic preservation
activities and land use or other regulations relating thereto as they
are being administered within the reporting jurisdiction by the local
governing body and its appointed agents including a landmarks
commission, planning board, environmental management council or other

(b) Proposals, if any, for the preservation and use of registered
property and other historic and cultural properties within the reporting

(c) An identification and analysis of any problems or issues relating
to the effectiveness of local development or administration of historic
preservation plans and programs, including problems of funding and
personnel requirements, procedural problems, enforcement problems, or
any other issue. After a public hearing has been held on a draft report
such report in final form shall be submitted to the commissioner of
parks and recreation and a copy shall be available for public inspection
in the municipal office of the reporting jurisdiction. It may be
reviewed and updated as necessary.

2. The commissioner of the office of parks and recreation shall
prepare and distribute a format which may be used or completed by
reporting jurisdictions to satisfy the provisions of this section. The
purposes of such report are informational and compliance by a reporting
jurisdiction shall not be used by the commissioner or any other state
official as a condition for the performance of any state service,
assistance or other action.