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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 5-G
§ 119-oo. Expenses. The board of supervisors of a county, the town
board of a town, the common council of a city, and the board of trustees
of a village, or the governing bodies of the participating
municipalities comprising membership in a regional planning council or
county planning board or agency are hereby authorized independently or
in collaboration with other local governments, in their discretion, to
appropriate and raise by taxation money for the expenses of such
regional planning council or county planning board or agency; and such
municipal corporations shall not be chargeable with any expense incurred
by such regional planning council or county planning board or agency
except pursuant to such an appropriation. In the case of any regional
planning council whose membership consists only of counties, each such
county is authorized to provide for the payment of the moneys so
appropriated for the expenses of such council to an officer of the
council designated by the council to receive such moneys, provided that
before any such moneys shall be paid to such officer, such officer shall
have executed an official undertaking conditioned for the faithful
performance of his duties in the manner provided in section four hundred
three of the county law and provided that such undertaking shall have
been approved by the governing body of each county involved.