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This entry was published on 2020-02-28
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Control and supervision; suspension of identification numbers and licenses; inspection of premises
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 9-A
§ 194. Control and supervision; suspension of identification numbers
and licenses; inspection of premises. 1. The officer or department,
shall have and exercise rigid control and close supervision over all
games of chance conducted under such license, to the end that the same
are fairly conducted in accordance with the provisions of such license,
the provisions of the rules and regulations promulgated by the board,
and the provisions of this article. Such officer or department and the
board shall have the power and the authority to temporarily suspend any
license issued by the clerk or department and/or impose fines for
violations not to exceed one thousand dollars. Temporary suspension of
licenses shall be promptly followed by a hearing, and after notice and
hearing, the clerk, department, or board may suspend or revoke the same
and declare the violator ineligible to apply for a license for a period
not exceeding twelve months thereafter. Any fines tendered to the clerk,
department, or board shall not be paid from funds derived from the
conduct of games of chance. The officer and the department or the board
shall additionally have the right of entry, by their respective officers
and agents, at all times into any premises where any game of chance is
being conducted or where it is intended that any such game shall be
conducted, or where any equipment being used or intended to be used in
the conduct thereof is found, for the purpose of inspecting the same.
Upon suspension or revocation of any license or upon declaration of
ineligibility to apply for a license, the board may suspend or revoke
the identification number issued pursuant to section one hundred
eighty-eight-a of this article. An agent of the appropriate officer or
department shall make an on site inspection during the conduct of all
games of chance licensed pursuant to this article.

2. A municipality may, by local law or ordinance enacted pursuant to
the provisions of section one hundred eighty-eight of this article,
provide that the powers and duties set forth in subdivision one of this
section, shall be exercised by the chief law enforcement officer of the
county. In the event a municipality exercises this option the fees
provided for by subdivision two of section one hundred ninety-five-f of
this article, shall be remitted to the chief fiscal officer of the

3. Subject to the applicable provisions of the alcoholic beverage
control law, beer, cider, mead, braggot and wine may be offered for sale
during the conduct of games of chance on games of chance premises as
such premises are defined in subdivision nineteen of section one hundred
eighty-six of this article; provided, however, that nothing herein shall
be construed to limit the offering for sale of any other alcoholic
beverage in areas other than the games of chance premises or the sale of
any other alcoholic beverage in premises where only the games of chance
known as bell jar or raffles are conducted.