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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Creation, appointment and qualifications
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 12-A
§ 234. Creation, appointment and qualifications. Each city and
incorporated village is hereby authorized and empowered to create a
commission to be known as the city or village planning commission. Such
commission shall be so created in incorporated villages by resolution of
the trustees, in cities by ordinance of the common council, except that
in cities of the first class, having more than a million inhabitants, it
shall be by resolution of the board of estimate and apportionment or
other similar local authority. In cities of the first class such
commission shall consist of not more than eleven, in cities of the
second class of not more than nine, in cities of the third class and
incorporated villages of not more than seven members. Such ordinance or
resolution shall specify the public officer or body of said municipality
that shall appoint such commissioners, and shall provide that the
appointment of as nearly as possible one-third of them shall be for a
term of one year; one-third for a term of two years, and one-third for a
term of three years; and that at the expiration of such terms, the terms
of office of their successors shall be three years; so that the term of
office of one-third of such commissioners, as nearly as possible, shall
expire each year. All appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the
unexpired term. Not more than one-third of the members of said
commission shall hold any other public office in said city or village.
In a county containing a population of over three hundred thousand one
of the members of any such commission may reside outside of such village
or city as the case may be.